The Shimoda MRC

The Shimoda Marine Research Center, University of Tsukuba, is a short walk from the Shimoda Tokyu Hotel and will be our base for fieldwork and venue for cooperative work, experiments, and exchange of experience among participants. Low tide will be in the afternoon, which is when the majority of our fieldwork will take place.

Laboratory facilities will include provision of filtered seawater, binocular and compound microscopes, preservation liquids (alcohol, formaldehyde), magnesium chloride, plastic bowls, pipettes, Petri dishes, microscope slides and cover slips, paper tissues.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own laboratory tools (forceps, scissors, scalpels, needles etc.).


A provision of hydrozoans collected by plankton tows, trawling/dredging or by snorkelling will be organized.

Snorkeling activity will be possible, since both the hotel and the Shimoda Marine Research Center are only a few minutes by walk from the seashore (sea surface T = 19-24 °C).

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